Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random stuff...

Too busy to blog much lately you guys, but here's a quick summary for any who may be interested:

Thanksgiving: We visited some friends in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and it was a really nice time, very relaxed and comfortable. We took a long walk in the snow, if you want to see pics, visit my pal Fangmonster's blog.

Deer hunting: No venison yet. For those who might find it offensive, fear not... I'm not very good at it. :-) Also, I haven't had as much time to hunt this year, I've only been out a few times.

My method of hunting is called "still hunting" or "stalking". It's one of the most difficult types of hunting to master. Deer, like cows, must chew their cud, so after feeding they lie down and do that. I move very slowly and quietly, into the wind, and try to sneak up on them in their "beds". I managed to do just that a few weeks ago. (I'm actually kind of proud of myself because this is the first time I've actually done it. Deer are hard to sneak up on. )

I only saw the big rear end of a deer, and the flashing white tail as it leapt away from me! It was close, only about 10 yards or so. I didn't shoot because I will only shoot if I get a clear shot at the vital area. But I thought: "What an excellent rump roast that would be!" :-)

Rather than try to follow it directly (which I decided would be pointless, as deer are a lot faster than humans and always watch their back trail) I decided to follow it along a parallell path, hoping to meet up with it at another point further ahead. But no, that deer was too tricky for me, and dissapered entirely. I tried the same spot a week later, hoping to catch it in it's bed again, but it wasn't there.

My husband says I am making things too hard for myself and that I might be better off next year to get a tree stand. He thinks the chances of being able to shoot a deer while still-hunting are pretty slim. Maybe he's right. I like still-hunting though, plus I think I would be totally cool if I really learn to do it well. I do get a little discourged at times though. Plus, I do actually want some venison, so... maybe next year I'll get a tree stand.

My class: It's almost over, thank God. I'm working on their final exam.

Knitting: I finished a pair of giant wool socks for my dear Uncle Kevin, and I'll put a pic of them up soon. I need to make Dave another pair. I need to knit a hat for my neice, Grace, too.

Now I'm caught up in a flurry of Christmas shopping. Danny wants bongo drums. :-) I just bought some boots for a certain someone I know... :-)

Soon we'll be cross-country skiiing, if we get any snow!


Blogger glamkitty99 said...

I love your deer huntin' rump roast story. It's my favorite of all your hunting tales. I'm so happy to hear your class is coming to a close. I don't care what you say...those fucking monster clones are lucky to have such a sassy gal as their teacher.

3:24 AM  
Blogger glamkitty99 said...

PS My feet are singing a happy tune...

3:25 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Hey Kate, I just came from the mountains and you would have had a field day,,(plus four or five bucks) deer every five feet!! Practically tame because no one hunts there,, but anyway,, glad things are going well for you ,,, busy is good sometimes!! The comment you left on Barbara's blog about suffering was excellent, I agree totally with everything you said,, I commend you on saying it so well.

11:33 PM  

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