Monday, September 12, 2005

Getting to be fall now...

Here are some late summer pics.

The baby jacket I knitted for my grandson Wyatt, natch. It's made from baby alpaca yarn and it's super soft. I saw little Wyatt over the weekend and he is adorable. :-)

Woodbox: This is wood Dave sawed up by hand with a bowsaw last winter. It was a fallen limb from a tree down by the creek. Soon we'll be burning it in our woodstove. We had about a cord and a half of wood stacked out by the garage that we bought, but this wood in the woodbox always makes me think what a cool guy I have. :-)

We have a RIDICULOUS amount of tomatoes this year. I've been canning, freezing, drying, giving them away, we've made tons of sauce and salsa, but they keep coming! They are really good too. Roma and San Marzano.

Yellowjackets: Dave has a weird relationship with the yellowjackets. There's a lot I could write about it but I'll save it for another blog entry later on.

Anyway, they are making it hard to enjoy eating outside on our deck these days. I thought maybe giving them some dried fruit would distract them from trying to eat our food but it just made it worse. I tried talking to them and they just don't care to discuss it. Fierce little things they are! Ah well, so much for my hippie methods of pest control! LOL.


Blogger Tania said...

Mmm, tomatoes. I want some! We had a completely tomato-intense dinner last night, to take advantage of the last gorgeous piles of tomatoes in red glory at the farmers' market. I made a huge tomato salad of nothing but one Brandywine tomato the size of a softball and an equally large German yellow tomato, with a very light drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette with shallots, over fresh mesclun greens. And then I made a pizza out of homemade naan dough plus fresh mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce. So much tomato! I'd have it again, too. Tomatoes are the best.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are such good pictures, and you are the BEST knitter. The nattiest knittiest knittinger!


1:07 PM  
Blogger mireille said...

yes. beautiful job on the babyjacket. xoxo

1:44 PM  

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