Thursday, August 11, 2005

Baby Cottontail Rabbit

I just saw possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen. A baby cottontail rabbit. It was just sitting in the grass in front of my sister's apt complex, right next to the parking lot. It sat there, frozen, and Dave, Danny and I knelt down to look at it.

We were all dazzled by it's extreme cuteness. It's little ears were so short, tipped in black. It's body was smaller than the palm of my hand. It was light brown and so adorable CUTE, we were in awe. It had a tiny little spot of white right on the top of it's little head. I reached out my index finger and very, very gently petted it right on that spot. As I touched it, it suddenly jumped to life and scooted over Danny's sandals and into the bushes.

Later, in the car on the ride home, I asked Danny what it felt like when the rabbit ran over his feet. He said: "It was soft, really soft. It has little pads on it's feet"

What an awesome thing.


Blogger Atreau said...

Aww rabbits! I just love the way they wiggle their noses!

8:23 PM  
Blogger ParisLondres said...

Hi K! I love rabbits and cannot bear to eat them. Crazy I know but just cannot.

Would love to see a pic of this cutie.


8:18 AM  

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