Monday, July 18, 2005

Birdie Update.

The little bird is doing much better today! He/ she? is more active, moving around, asking for food, and seems more "awake".

Yesterday it seemed more lethargic and it wouldn't open it's beak to eat. Now it peeps and opens it's mouth wide whenever it sees us. I have changed it's food a bit, which seems to agree with it better. It's having more normal looking bowel movements too.

I think it was scared of us. I was leaving it alone as much as possible, hoping that it would not "imprint" on me. I want to release it when it grows up. But then I realized that it seemed afraid and depressed. Like any baby, it needs love and comfort, and by paying more attention to it, talking to it and holding it, it seems happier and healthier. I don't know if this means we now have a pet sparrow, but at least it's alive.

Yay for my husband Dave, who is taking care of it all day while I'm working. :-)


Blogger LonesomePolecat said...

I have newfound respect for parent birds. Keeping up the schedule of
feeding every 40 minutes is tough!
Buddy is awfully cute, though.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Oh, I am glad to hear that the bird is doing better!

I like reading your site. It is often my retreat from the daily grind of life. I imagine that I am sitting in a corner of some enchanted garden!

11:59 AM  
Blogger mireille said...

I really want Buddy to make it ... and I sense lonesomepolecat is the one making it happen today. xoxoxo

4:14 PM  

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