Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tadpoles attract frog?

Danny is lacking in the grandparent dept, so he asked a friend of our family, Betsy, to be his grandmother. She agreed, and now she sends him letters and presents from Vt. and we visit and send her letters and presents. She has Danny's picture on her refridgerator and we have her picture in his bedroom. It's nice. She's a really cool person. I actually wish she would be my mom too, but that would be too weird to ask.

Anyway, she sent him a present for Christmas called "Frog Planet" which is a habitat for tadpoles to turn into frogs. The day before yesterday, 2 tadpoles arrived in the mail and we placed them into the "Frog Planet".

That very afternoon, a frog visitor came to see us. He hopped into our garden and Danny noticed him. He ran and told Dave, who took this picture. Dave said that the frog just seemed to sit there, waiting for his picture to be taken, and when it was done, he calmly hopped away. So here he is. :-)


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