Saturday, May 14, 2005

Happy To Be Alive.

This is one of those rare days when I feel happy and grateful to be alive, for no apparent reason.

I have a cold, but it doesn't seem to be influencing my good mood at all. All day I've felt energetic and happy.

Dave brought me herbal tea in bed, and I read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay for awhile. Then I went downstairs and ate breakfast and read the paper and had some coffee. I gave Danny a bath and we all went to the Farmer's Market, including Miss Doggie.

I was proud to show her off, she's such a beauty. People always ask me "What breed is she?" because I know they want one just like her for themselves. But she's just a mutt. Who knows her breed? I like to guess... maybe part black lab, part chow and part border collie... but really, who knows? I don't really know how old she is either, she was a stray. The vet thought she was a year old when we got her, but she must be older, because we've had her for 2 years and she has a tiny bit of gray around the muzzle.

One of the joys of having a dog is the vicarious happiness you get by making your dog happy, which is so easy to do. A ride in the car, being petted by some new people, a few other dog's butts to sniff, and she's in heaven. And that really makes me feel good.

Then we came home and Dave planted some more pansies around the patio. I took Danny to visit a friend and I went to get some new contact lenses.

Later on we went out for dinner and I drank a yummy salted margarita and ate some perfect fried calamari. We sat on the deck, facing the lake. The weather was just right. Danny wasn't too figity and there were many many babies and children eating on the deck too. I feel hopeful and happy that my community is so full of happy, healthy looking kids.

Then we came home and watered the garden, and Dave and I walked around and discussed what we want to do in the yard this summer. I want to move that climbing Blaze rose to the front of the house. We are glad we dug up that bush we never liked. The blueberries seem to be doing well in the back bed.

As we filled up our watering cans at the creek, I looked and saw the beauty that I sometimes forget. How lucky we are to live here, in this spot on the creek. I hope we stay here a long long time.


Blogger Jonniker said...

How wonderful! Just incredibly wonderful for you. Truly. I want to see your little spot on the creek! The photos are amazing.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous keeter said...

I hope so, too. Because I am going to visit, you know, someday.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Jonniker and Keeter... you guys can visit me ANYTIME. Really! I'd be so psyched!

10:26 AM  

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