Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Damn that Bossy Gertrude Stein!

Last night I dreamed that I worked for Gertrude Stein. My job? To play
a videogame in which I fought a Godzilla-type creature, but it kept
obliterating me with it's flame-breath. Gertrude Stein was going on
vacation and told me in no uncertain terms that I must defeat Godzilla
by the time she returned. I played and played, but I couldn't beat
Godzilla. Finally, my friend Noah came along and told me nobody can
beat Godzilla in that game, it's impossible. And I said "But Gertrude
Stein told me I have to beat it before she gets back!". He said, "Just
forget it." Then he gave me a ride home on a firetruck.

I swear to Godzilla, I'm not making any of this up! :-)


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