Friday, May 13, 2005

Cat Kills Bat.

My semi-feral insane cat killed a bat last night. Well, she didn't actually kill it, but it was all bloody and I'm sure it died shortly after we got it away from her. I tried to stop her, but she is too savage and quick.

I like bats, and they eat a lot of mosquitoes. My husband is particularly fond of them. He was really sad. He took the bat in a coffee can and dumped it out on a stone wall in our back yard.

This morning, my son wanted to see it. So, we went outside in our pajamas and sneakers. He was cold, so I let him share my bathrobe, wrapping it around both of us as we walked along through the dewy grass.

When we got to the stone wall, the bat was gone. I said "Maybe another animal ate it. Or maybe it crawled into one of the crevices in the wall... because that's what I would do, if I were a dying bat."

My son said "Or maybe he waited here until the other bats came to rescue him, and to accompany him to the bat hospital where the bat nurse put him into a bat bed".

I love that kid. :-)


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